an Update & Moving Blogs

I am in the middle of moving & setting up a new hosted by Ghost. Currently moving some contect from my old wordpress blog to Ghost. My old site is »

Covert Redirect & OpenID / OAuth

Recently; and on the back of heartbleed another web security vulnerability was "discovered" or so it was reported. Most prominent headline from last week was from CNET. Serious security flaw »

Web Application Security

Over the years I have built up a knowledge base on what to implement and look for when building web applications, these are my thoughts. I have liaised on many »

Toggle Button IOS Style with EXTJS

For a recent project I had the need for a toggle button, similar to the styling in IOS (iPhones, iPads etc.) This was the end result. Source Code here Following »

EXTJS Grid Buttons

This topic is something I have been thinking about for a while and not had the chance to do anything about it. Basic problem that needed to be solved was »

Oracle & Encryption

Recently I had a requirement from a customer to provide a Single Sign On passthrough solution for our web application called Coreportal (Coreportal is an employee and manager self service »