Current List of Projects and areas requiring a post webRTC with TokBox Javascript Lib & PL/SQL backend Two Step authentication Getting stared with Objective-C oAuth, »

thoughts on a Password Manager

As part of my time in University of Oxford, I was challenged with identifying some security properties associated with a password manager along with defining a »

Improving the Security of Cryptographic Protocol Standards

Improving the Security of Cryptographic Protocol Standards [1] Security protocols are a common place within computing; forming foundations of trust for users interacting with computers ranging »

Conference : CyberSecurity - Croke Park, Dublin, 3rd Oct 2014 - Breaking down the Silos.

I don't attend many conference; mostly I find them pretty boring and just money spinners for some organisations. When I see big name sponsors immediately I »

an Update & Moving Blogs

I am in the middle of moving & setting up a new hosted by Ghost. Currently moving some contect from my old wordpress blog to Ghost. »

Covert Redirect & OpenID / OAuth

Recently; and on the back of heartbleed another web security vulnerability was "discovered" or so it was reported. Most prominent headline from last week was from »