an Update & Moving Blogs

I am in the middle of moving & setting up a new hosted by Ghost. Currently moving some contect from my old wordpress blog to Ghost. My old site is still active follow this link. (old site now re-directs to Ghost.) My intentions with this new blog is provide updates on interesting projects; which over time should provide a timeline on projects I have been working. Effectively providing a timeline for what I do month to month. This wont be a daily blog instead its based on projects completed and then when I have time to get this written down. All the content from my old site will be reviewed and if still relevant I will place on this blog.

Some recent projects - currently in the draft stages

webRTC with TokBox Javascript Lib & PL/SQL backend

Two Step authentication

oAuth, Oracle PL/SQL and

Self Registration without SMS

Self Registration with SMS

Secure Password Storeage

Sublime Text 3 & Why its awesome

Oracle ADF Org Charting using Oracle Hierarchy Viewer

Moving from Windows to a Mac

SAML Authentication

Toggle Button IOS Style with EXTJS

Markdown Editor integarted with EXTJS